Squad depth and poor leadership ruined Arsenal’s title chances claims journalist

Arsenal’s loss to Brighton in their last game all but ended their quest to win the Premier League this season.

Poor results against the likes of West Ham and Southampton earlier had dealt their chances a huge blow and they needed to win their remaining games of the season.

However, they lost to Brighton to make it hard for them to stay in the race and The Daily Mail’s Daniel Matthews has given his analysis as to why.

He writes in his column:

“The Arsenal boss has made 12 fewer tweaks to his starting XI than any other Premier League manager this season. That has helped his side gel and allowed combinations to develop. But it has also illustrated the gap in resources.”

Adding: “Aaron Ramsdale admitted not long ago that many of Arsenal’s players weren’t quite sure how to deal with the demands of a title race. The goalkeeper was not suggesting they were cowed by the challenge — they were simply entering uncharted waters as the second-youngest average starting XI in the league.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Winning the league requires so much from us, but our boys have choked in the last few weeks.

We need to end the term with wins in our remaining games, but it will not change anything and we need to start planning for the next campaign as soon as we can.

Our players have now tasted what it feels like to be in the race and it would be very helpful in preparing them for another challenge, which could happen again next season.

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